Awesome Dinner Devices

High-Quality Rice CookersHealthy cooking starts with fresh ingredients — then, often, there’s loads of tedious, tiring prep work. Luckily, a good food processor (or its little sister, a mini- chopper) can save your wrists — and your diet. We tested 17 full-size units to see how well they handled tasks such as julienning potatoes, slicing tomatoes and pepperoni, shredding mozzarella, and even kneading pizza dough. We put the six mini-choppers to work on onions, parsley, and Parmesan cheese. We also rated all the machines on their ease of use. These slice-and-dicers can really reduce your time in the kitchen.

The Cuisinart Prep 9 ($150, and Prep 11 ($200, excelled at everything — even tricky jobs like slicing tomatoes and shredding carrots. The Prep 9’s nine-cup capacity should be ample for most home cooks, while the 11-cup Prep 11 is ideal if you entertain often. What you get with the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Duo ($80, for this nice price: two bowls (a 14-cup one, plus a five-cup one for small tasks) and excellent overall performance. What you don’t get: dough-kneading capability, and quiet (it was one of the noisiest units tested).

The king of the kitchen, the large-and-in-charge Breville Sous Chef ($400, has a 16-cup capacity and is expert at chopping, mincing, and julienning foods. It comes with an arsenal of accessories — including a 2.5-cup bowl for mini-chopping — and a case in which to store them.

Rice Cooker Reviews

Aroma Digital Rice Cooker – The Aroma Digital Rice Cooker has the 8-cups capacity. This capacity allows to serve 4-20 cups of restaurant-quality rice per one preparation cycle. In addition, the aluminum inner cooking pot has a Teflon coating, that guarantees a non-stick surface for the better and more quality cooking. Moreover, it can be removed for a quick further cleanup. The inner cooking pot is dishwasher-safe, and it is a great benefit in regard to the whole maintenance process.

Talking of cooking functions, we would admit, that they are diverse. With this kitchen appliance, you will have an opportunity to steam, boil, simmer, and warm. This wonderful device can steam veggies, meat, and beans while the rice is cooking below. Programmable controls help to set up the required regime. Thus, you will definitely get a meal in time. Moreover, this rice maker has a function of an automatic warm-up. So, you can taste fluffy and warm rice wherever you want.

As for additional functions, it is necessary to highlight, that this electric rice maker has a unique sensor logic technology. Due to this technology, the built-in computer can “think” and optimize the perfect time and the temperature condition. Both the inner cooking pot and the rim in outer are quite durable.