An Inspiration for True Lovers: Dogs on Paintings

The love of animals has stood the test of time. Companionship offered by pets of all types and specifically dogs is certain to entice the ownership of these adored creatures. Artists love to show the passion felt for dogs of all shapes and sizes by adding this loved pet to paintings of all types.

Mother and Puppies
The painting of a mother and loved puppies is often created to show the distinct and special bond. Animals are connected to the mother a great deal and this can be displayed by in the painting. A particular painting of this type created by Lee An around 1506 shows the love of a mother and the puppies she had.

Two Hunting Dogs Tied to a Tree Stump
One inspirational painting dates back to 1548. The artist Jacopo Bassano created a painting to be remembered. This shows two large hunting dogs tied together to a large tree. The captivity of the dogs is portrayed and the vulnerability of the animals, as well. Despite the large size of the dogs and the strength possessed, the dogs are at the mercy of the owner.

Neptune Painting
A well-known painting by the artist Edwin Lansteer, dating back to 1824, shows the carefree life of a Cocker Spaniel. This dog is beautiful in appearance and this is displayed in the painting. A colorful painting that deserves high scores for beauty and originality, as well.

Portrait of a Terrier
One of the most loved animals and highly sought after is the Terrier. The beauty and friendliness of this dog are often portrayed in movies. One picture that shows this animal at its best is referred to as a portrait of a Terrier.