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25 Sep 2016

The importance of physical exercises and turning to kayaking for the perfect complete body workout

Working out and physical exercises are very important for our bodies. Adequate physical exercise is important in ensuring that the body systems are operating at optimum. The vital systems in the body include: the respiratory system, the
25 Sep 2016

The importance of good health and ensuring good health through recreation kayaking

Having good health is very important if one is to have quality life. Good health is the state where the body is functioning normally with no sicknesses, pains, or other abnormalities. During the state of good health,
28 May 2016

Staying Fashionably Clean

Finding the “right” leggings is almost as difficult as finding the right bra or swimsuit or pair of jeans! The price of my favorite leggings shot up to $29.95 since the last time I bought them, so
28 May 2016

The Perks of ACV

If you have problems with blemishes on your skin one helpful factor to consider is that you can use apple cider vinegar for acne and other skin conditions. Raw apple cider vinegar is made from organic apples
25 May 2016

Great Tasting Shakes

If you want some blenders to make your smoothies and shakes with, then immersion blenders are the best way to go. The Kitchen Resource Stick Blender: This pricey immersion blender easily crushes ice and frozen fruit to
29 Nov 2015

Meditation: Soul Food

Many people are not aware of all of the benefits that come with meditating on a regular basis. Adding it to your daily lifestyle can ease quite a bit of stress out of your life and help
17 Jun 2014

Is There A Right Time For Pregnancy?

There are some pregnancies that are planned in advance, such as my sister-in-law who decided to have a baby. She stopped taking her birth control and on her doctor’s advice waited six months to allow the birth