Dogs and Strokes: How to Prevent Them and Save your Best Friends

Your dog’s health is critical for having the highest quality of life. You want to feel and look your best and so does your dog. Is it possible for your dog to have a stroke? You bet it is. Take the necessary precautions to avoid your dog having a stroke by knowing what to do.

Causes of Dog Strokes

A number of things can cause your dog to have a stroke. Heat is a huge concern during the summer months and can cause your dog to have problems. Another problem will occur if your dog is overweight and has too much fat. Obesity in your loved pet, especially the larger ones, is never good and should be avoided.

A traumatic injury can cause the dog to have a stroke. Serious injuries to your pet may show up at a later time and stroke may be related to the injury.

Symptoms of Strokes

A common symptom your dog may show when a stroke has occurred involves being disoriented. If your dog is stumbling around and can’t seem to find his or way, a stroke may be to blame.

Another symptom of a stroke occurs if your dog becomes blind and suddenly can’t see a thing. If this happens, take your dog to the vet right away.
If your pet becomes very sleepy and out of sorts, the pet may have had a stroke. Be sure to watch out for these symptoms and be mindful when they occur to get your dog help.

Tips to Prevent Strokes

One way to help in the prevention of stroke for your pet will involve watching what your dog eats. A diet that is full of nutrition and less fat will provide your dog with good health. Be mindful of the weight of your dog and work to keep him or her in the desired weight range for a particular breed.

Exercise your dog regularly to help with good health and weight control. Simply walk your pet around the block on a routine basis to get in a daily dose of stroke prevention.
Finally, be mindful of your pet at all times and watch out of stroke symptoms. Work to prevent a stroke from occurring by working with your dog on a daily basis. Strokes can happen to all types of dogs.