Fishing for food and for sport. A look at recreational angling and kayak fishing

recreational-anglingFishing is an activity that for many years has been very important to mankind as a way of getting a great source of protein and a great source of energy. Fish is one of the foods that has the highest concentrations of vital nutrients crucial for the survival of mankind.

Fishing is an activity that originated from communities which lived close to water bodies that were inhabited by fish. On his food seeking expeditions, early man realized that fish was a readily available creature that could be consumed for food. With time, communities near water bodies with fish began to depend on the fish for food since it was easy to get fish. Fish is also many times available all year round unlike other hunted animals which migrate or food crops and fruits that are seasonal.

Fish can be quite difficult to catch as they are very agile and fast in water. At first, man used crude ways of capturing the fish. The first method of capturing the fish was probably spearing where a sharp stick was used to spear and pierce the fish while it was swimming in the water. Catching the fish might also have been done with the use of trapping techniques where more than one person cornered the fish. Man later discovered the use of nets and baskets to catch the fish.

Today one of the most famous ways of catching fish is through angling. Angling is a technique where one uses a rod, line, and hook to catch the fish. The hook is usually baited with a lure that will easily attract the fish, and the hook and bait are sunk in the water close to where the fish are expected to be. The fish will bite into the bait thinking it is food and in the process the fish will be trapped by the hook. After the fish is trapped by the hook, the angler can then pull out the fish using the line and the rod.

Angling is a simple yet very effective way of capturing fish. It is also a very enjoyable activity and many people around the world engage in angling as a recreational sport. Individual may engage in it for fun while others engage in it to compete against others.

One can choose to do offshore angling or fishing from the shores. When one wants to do offshore fishing, kayaks are good vessels to use due to their numerous advantages. There are some kayaks that have been specially designed for angling such as the Old Town Predator 13 kayak. This kayaks is fitted with accessories and features that come in handy when fishing. Fishing kayaks help enhance the angler’s experience.

Many times anglers may want to go fishing alone or they might want to go with company. Fishing with other people is a lot of fun and it is a great bonding environment. Groups of people can go fishing with each person using an individual boat although the anglers can also share kayaks especially when using tandem kayaks that can carry two or three passengers.