Forming great friendship among strangers through getting involved in joint kayak fishing

joint-kayak-fishingGroup recreational activities are a lot of fun especially if all people in the group are enthusiastic about the activity that the group is involved in. It is not always easy to get friends who all enjoy one particular activity; this is of course unless the friendship is based on the activity itself. Many such friendships develop in institutions such as sports clubs or recreational establishments.

I have some friends who I was able to make in such a recreational establishment. I am an angling fan and I have always taken any opportunity to enjoy some time fishing. A few years ago when I was working in Orlando, I was registered at a kayaking club where I was able to make great friends with three other gentlemen in the club.

Our friendship started courtesy of the normal small talk between individuals engaged in a mutual activity. By and by the three of us began finding ourselves forming a friendship clique. This was hugely because we were all more interested in angling as compared to the other kayakers in the club. Whereas most of the other kayakers were mostly interested in kayaking as a way for keeping fit, we were more interested in fishing and we would find ourselves angling even during odd hours.

We would many times come very early and take our kayaks to the deep waters way before sunrise. Not many people can make such a sacrifice – apart from for those who were really enthusiastic about angling. Since we would often bump into each other during these odd hours, the four of us were able to develop some good rapport.

Many times we organized to have joint fishing escapades where we would have a marvelous time fishing together. During these expeditions we would share wonderful stories of our past fishing experiences and our experiences in other aspects of life.

We often chose to use tandem kayaks instead of each person using an individual kayak. This way, we were able to bond better and to have better communication amongst ourselves. It was also a good way of sharing our knowledge in fishing especially sharing the individual fishing tricks.

Many times we would spend many hours out on the water without the need to come back to shore. On such occasions, we would carry some snacks and soft drinks which would keep us well supplied as we enjoyed our time on the water.

As we continued together, we made our escapades more interesting by organizing competitions between us. We would compete to see who would have the most catches or who would have the biggest catch.

At first we were using fish finders to help us locate the fish and make it easier to get some catch. However, we decided to abandon the fish finders to make the competition more competitive and more interesting.

The competitions were not only a lot of fun but they were also great ways of helping us become better anglers.