Is There A Right Time For Pregnancy?

pregnancy-photographyThere are some pregnancies that are planned in advance, such as my sister-in-law who decided to have a baby. She stopped taking her birth control and on her doctor’s advice waited six months to allow the birth control hormones to leave her system, and then became pregnant. My family members had the love in their hearts that every child needs along with the money to support a child, so they made a conscious decision to bring a life into the world. My sister-in-law had the luxury of making sure she was healthy enough to carry a child, taking plenty of the vitamins her body needed to become pregnant and then had the support system every woman should have while carrying a life.

Then there are the “surprises” that happen, even when a woman has protected herself with birth control. It may not be the exact “right time” to become pregnant, but your body thought it was. Be aware the even if a woman is menstruating, she can still become pregnant. Any woman participating in unprotected sex is assuming the risk of becoming pregnant.

Some women are surprised by pregnancy because they never stop menstruating during their pregnancy, or gain very little weight. Other women do not experience a “regular” cycle, but rather menstruate every third month or so; it’s important to remember that every single body is different. Early signs that you may be pregnant are fatigue, tender breasts, and food cravings. Later symptoms can include nausea, the need to urinate often, increased body temperature, and bloating in the abdomen.

If a woman becomes pregnant one of the first things to do is evaluate their lifestyle. Anything that may harm the fetus, such as smoking, drinking, or taking drugs without a doctor’s advice should stop. A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible, since they will want to perform various tests to ensure the health of the fetus as well as prescribe pre-natal vitamins. Your daily food intake will probably need some adjusting since junk food provides no nutrients at all. Fresh fruits and vegetables will need to take their place.

If you are a woman who enjoys an exercise regime, you may need to cut back some during pregnancy. Walking is a great exercise for those who are pregnant, but be aware that too much exercise can be harmful. If a cat is in the household care must be taken when changing the cat litter. Cat feces can contain toxoplasmosis, which can be fatal to a developing fetus. The same bacteria can be found in undercooked red meat.

It is also a good idea to speak with family members to ascertain if there are any genetic disorders one should be made aware of if they become pregnant. Diseases such as polycystic kidney disease are inherited and knowing this information will be valuable to your doctor when screening for such things.