Recreational fishing through angling using different types of fishing equipment

recreational-or-sport-fishingRecreational or sport fishing is an ancient activity that many communities still engage in. Sport fishing was used as a way for different people to compete to gauge their fishing prowess. Competitions were mostly based on the number of catches that one made or the type of catch one had i.e. the species or size of the catch.

There have been many fishing techniques that have been used in recreational fishing. Angling stands out as one of the most popular modern fishing technique to be embraced in sport fishing. Angling is a technique whereby the fisherman catches the fish by luring it to bite into a hook that traps the fish and the angler can then retrieve the fish.

The basic paraphernalia used in angling includes the hook, bait, string or line, and the rod. The bait is usually fastened to the hook; the hook is fastened to the line or string; the line is fastened to the rod; and the rod is controlled by the angler who holds it at the other extreme end.

During angling, the angler baits the hook with a lure that is likely to attract the fish. The lures may include common fish foods such as worms, insects, locusts, frogs, and leeches. Some small types of fish can also be used as bait for bigger fish. Anglers may also use some foods such as cheese to lure the fish.

Once the hook is baited, it is then thrown into the water and the angler waits for the bait to lure a fish to bite. Once a fish bites at the bait and is trapped by the hook, the angler can then pull the fish from the water using the rod and line.

Today the angling equipment has been improved greatly with other advanced quality fishing equipment being added on including the bait-casting reel. This is a mechanism that helps in casting the hook into the water and withdrawing the trapped fish from the water with ease. Other modern additions includes sinkers and floaters which are used to keep the hook and bait underwater and for indicating the position of the hook respectively.

These advanced additional gadgets help to make angling much easier and much more effective. It also makes the anglers experience more enjoyable.

Other fishing gadgets that are used by anglers today are fish finders. These are technological gadgets that are designed to use sonar signals to help detect the position of fish in the water. This makes it easier for the angler to identify and pinpoint the fish concentrations in the water.

For offshore fishing, anglers need suitable vessels that can ensure proper navigation, proper stability during the actual angling, adequate storage for the fishing equipment, and storage facilities for the caught fish.

There are some special kayaks that have been designed for angling purposes. These kayaks are usually fitted with extra accessories and features to make the angler more comfortable and effective. This includes braces for fishing equipment and for securing the paddle when fishing and even straps to secure the angler to the kayak when fishing to prevent toppling over.